TOSHIBA thin and current-saving optocouplers:
Consistent high CTR over the input current range of 0.5 to 8 mA


With a thickness of just 2.3 mm, the TOSHIBA optocoupler TLP383 is particularly suited to the development of slim and flat products.

In this way, it guarantees a consistently high power transmission ratio (CTR) over the input voltage range of 0.5 to 8 mA. And this also covers a temperature range of 25 to 100 °C.

The TLP383 is supplied in a slim SO6L housing. It is particularly suited to applications that require a restricted mounting thickness. Applications include programmable logic controllers (PLCs), mains units and I/O interface boards.

The optocoupler is equipped with TOSHIBA'S Long-Life infra-red LED. 

The operating temperature range of the TLP383 extends from -55 to 125 °C.
It offers faster switching speeds than standard transistor optocouplers and has an impressive switch-off time (tOFF) of just 30 μs (at IF = 1.6 mA, VCC = 5 V, RL = 4.7 kΩ).

The TLP383 is designed for an insulation voltage of 5 kVeff (min.) with a creepage path and air gap of 8 mm (min.).

The coupler complies with the standards in accordance with UL, cUL, VDE and CQC.

TLP383 (943 KB)

Additional information available upon request.