Service life 150 km with 1,000,000 cuts:
Kiosk printer now with Presenter option


Printing - Holding - Cutting - convenient paper issue.

The new optional Presenter with retract-function.
This only releases the ticket after printing is complete and the paper is cut. Paper blocks and manipulation are a thing of the past.

The GLYN Kiosk Printers (GKP) integrating the Thermodirect Printing Function.
They are ideally suited for use in stand-alone kiosk systems and ATM's.

Extended temperature ranges and longevity are of particular importance.
The service life is 150 km with 1,000,000 cuts!
Even thicker papers can be printed at high speeds, up to 250 mm/sec., and then cut off completely or partially. 

One Presenter – several printer heads
The Presenter can be combined freely with various different Seiko Instruments printer heads:
You can select a suitable printer head, check the mechanicals with us, and then just mount the Presenter on it!

The GKP series offers the highest level of flexibility, both mechanically and electrically:
Paper widths from 58 to 82 mm are available for selection. They can be combined with various different roller sizes. In addition, there are various different structural variants for the paper route. Interface boards with serial or USB interfaces are available for control purposes.

We produce Top Quality as a result of the use of high-quality components:
The printer head and the automatic cutter are provided by Seiko Instruments.
The frame and the incorporated paper holder are made from high-quality stainless steel.

Technical data of the thermal-printer:

  • Resolution 8 dots / mm
  • Printing speed up to 250 mm / sec.
  • Service life 150 km
  • Paper thickness up to 155 μm
  • Paper width 58.0 to 82.5 mm
  • Paper cutter: 1,000,000 cuts / full cut

Benefit from the flexibility of the GLYN Kiosk Printer range.
Send us your requirements - we can offer solutions for all mechanical and electrical challenges. 


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