Industrial-suited series baseboard with -40 to 85 °C:
It´s the combination that does it - customer-specific mini-computer


If you use your application in a Singleboard Computer, you need to think about the future. Will today's performance still be adequate in a few years' time? Can I switch to the next power classification quickly? Or is a complicated and costly redesign required?

Join us in the Singleboard Computer world of the future!
At GLYN we have developed a solution to meet future requirements in an industrial-suited yet flexible manner.

Change the power classification with just one click
Using the ACLAVIS® CoM Baseboard and the Ka-Ro TX Range, you can adapt the computer really easily to its power requirements. You simply change the CoM power classification on the baseboard with just one click.

Thanks to its modular design, you can also make use of future generations of processors.
And you will be protected from the increasing number of performance requirements of the software for the hardware.

This is all industry-suited and has a size of just 100 mm x 65 mm. Because we have placed special emphasis on making sure that all the components we use will also operate in the industrial temperature range from -40 to 85 °C!

Incorporating TFTs quickly and simply
Our ACLAVIS® CoM Baseboard offers a diverse range of connection facilities for applications with TFT. The TFTs in the GLYN family concept can be quickly and easily incorporated.

Combining with a modern HMI front-end
If you combine our ACLAVIS® CoM Baseboard with our GLYN ACLAVIS® TFTs, you will create a unique symbiosis of technical solution and high-quality and elegant display product. This presents your application with a modern high-quality "face"! 

Try your own combinations - you have unbelievably flexible possibilities.

We would be pleased to quote for individual applications.