Conforming to UHS-II Bus Classification:
Ultra High Speed finds its way into SD Card Readers


Developed for SD Cards of the
4th Generation.

Transfer rates up to 312 MBit per second - Ultra High Speed.

The YAMAICHI FPS017T range of card readers comply with the strict UHS-II Bus Classification for SD Flash Memory Cards. Instead of the existing 9 contacts, 17 contacts secure the high transfer rates.

YAMAICHI offers this new generation of card reader in 2 different versions:

  • Top Mount-Version
  • Reversed Mount-Version

An enclosed metal housing with four tabs for incorporation with the printed circuit board guarantees good EMC screening.

The FPS017T range offers a convenient Push/Push mechanism. The card is retained here by pushing in once. When it is pressed again, the lock releases and the card can be safely removed. A card braking system provides defined ejection of the card.

A card presence switch ensures that the read/write process starts/stops only when the card has been fully inserted or removed. This ensures data transfer and prevents loss of data.

Depending on the requirement and application, the contacts are available in various different gold-plated versions - from gold flash to 30 µinch.

Depending on the requirement, the card readers can be supplied in a Tray or in a Tape&Reel package - greatest flexibility in mounting.

Once again, YAMAICHI has extended two of their core competencies in the fields of card readers and High Speed with this new range to produce an interesting and high-quality product.

All the technical details at a glance:

  • Card holders for SD Cards of the 4th Generation (SD4.0)
  • Support the Bus Classification Ultra High Speed II (UHS-II)
  • Top-Mount and Reversed-Mount versions
    (mounting on the top or bottom of the PCB)
  • Push-Push mechanism
  • 17 contacts
  • Transfer rates up to 312 MBit per second
  • Card presence switch
  • Write protection switch

    Here are the data-sheets to download:
  • FPS017T-1000-x (525 KB)
  • FPS017T-2000-x (733 KB)

Alongside these components, GLYN offers lots of other card plug connectors for all available flash and SIM types of card with different form factors, e.g. Micro-SIM, microSD, MMCmicro, CompactFlash, multicard versions etc. A comprehensive range of high-speed products covers diverse board-to-cable connectors and I/O interfaces for high transfer rates at 100Ohm differential impedance.