Industrial-suited series baseboard with -40 to 85 °C:
It´s the combination that does it - customer-specific mini-computer

If you use your application in a Singleboard Computer, you need to think about the future. Will today's performance still be adequate in a few years' time? Can I switch to the next power classification quickly? Or is a complicated and costly redesign required?

Join us in the Singleboard Computer world of the future!
At GLYN we have developed a solution to meet future requirements in an industrial-suited yet flexible manner.


How to save costly redesign:
ATP and MICRON conclude exclusive partnership!


Long-term availability secured.
ATP continues to produce the discontinued MICRON SD-RAM and DDR modules!

The two manufacturers have concluded an exclusive collaboration agreement.
This ensures your supply of MICRON products for an extremely long time.

1:1 Replacement: ATP ensures the identical specifications and applied test processes.
This will save you extensive approval processes or costly redesign.  


Service life 150 km with 1,000,000 cuts:
Kiosk printer now with Presenter option


Printing - Holding - Cutting - convenient paper issue.

The new optional Presenter with
pull-back function.

This only releases the ticket after printing is complete and the paper is cut. Paper blocks and manipulation are a thing of the past.

The GLYN Kiosk Printers (GKP) integrating the Thermodirect Printing Function.
They are ideally suited for use in stand-alone kiosk systems and automatic sale units.

Extended temperature ranges and longevity are of particular importance.
The service life is 150 km with 1,000,000 cuts! 


1.1 µA provides for extremely long battery service life:
2 operation amplifiers and 1 comparator in a space-saving housing


Have you ever been suddenly woken at night by smoke or fire alarms? Lucky that it was "just" the battery!

The analogue specialist SG MICRO offers a particularly power-saving analogue front end (AFE) specially for vibration and presence sensors.

The SGM8140, with its operating current of 1.1 µA (Vs = 5 V), provides extremely long battery service life for presence sensors, fire and smoke alarms and for temperature measuring, for example.

The input voltage is supported in a flexible manner using the bandwidth of 1.4 to 5.5 V. 


TOSHIBA thin and current-saving optocouplers:
Consistent high CTR over the input current range of 0.5 to 8 mA


With a thickness of just 2.3 mm, the TOSHIBA optocoupler TLP383 is particularly suited to the development of slim and flat products.

In this way, it guarantees a consistently high power transmission ratio (CTR) over the input voltage range of 0.5 to 8 mA. And this also covers a temperature range of 25 to 100 °C.

The optocoupler is equipped with TOSHIBA'S Long-Life infra-red LED.
The operating temperature range of the TLP383 extends from -55 to 125 °C.


Conforming to UHS-II Bus Classification:
Ultra High Speed finds its way into SD Card Readers


Developed for SD Cards of the 4th Generation.
Transfer rates up to 312 MBit per second - Ultra High Speed.

The YAMAICHI FPS017T range of card readers comply with the strict UHS-II Bus Classification for SD Flash Memory Cards. Instead of the existing 9 contacts, 17 contacts secure the high transfer rates.

YAMAICHI offers this new generation of card reader in 2 different versions:

  • Top Mount-Version
  • Reversed Mount-Version FPS017T-2000-x 

An enclosed metal housing with four tabs for incorporation with the printed circuit board guarantees good EMC screening. 


Test it right now - SUPPORT IS RED! Sample campaign:
Use Quad-SPI-FRAM 4 times faster transfer...


Ideal for write-intensive network applications, industrial computing and HMI applications.

FUJITSU offers the MB85RQ4ML, the world's first 4 MBit FRAM with Quad SPI interface.

Four direct benefits for you:

  1. 4 times faster transfer than with a parallel FRAM
  2. Unique 54 MByte/sec. High-Speed Data Transfer
  3. 60 % smaller housing compared to a parallel FRAM – 
    Ideal for space and cost sensitive applications
  4. Non-volatile memory with minimal energy consumption - saves real cash!

Only at GLYN – the "SUPPORT IS RED!" campaign:
Test the new 4 MBit Quad-SPI FRAMS by FUJITSU for yourself.