GLYN offers European customers NVMe SSDs with up to 32 TB capacity


NGD Systems, Inc. and GLYN High-Tech Distribution have signed an agreement to distribute the manufacturer's complete memory product range in Europe.

As part of this agreement, the distributor will now offer the NVMe SSD portfolio. These products combine high capacity with low power consumption and an extended temperature range.

Computational storage is an emerging technology which has been recognised by the Gartner market research institute in its latest Memory Report as transformational with high growth potential. NGD and GLYN support Edge computing environments with future-proof NVMe SSD solutions. These are ideal for the growing Edge and Rugged Industrial markets, where many European companies are at the cutting edge of the development work.

The possibility for GLYN customers to purchase NGD storage solutions locally throughout Europe is a welcome addition to the company's own product range which has a high level of acceptance:

"With the inclusion of NGD NVMe SSDs in our product portfolio, we gain an industry leader in terms of capacity, form factor and extended temperature range for these products. The additional benefit of computational storage means that we can provide our customers with optimum support and meet their memory requirements. At the same time, we create added value for their future developments," said Andreas Bock, GLYN Product Manager for NGD Systems products.

Founded in 2013, NGD Systems supplies the most powerful NVMe SSDs in the industry,
which were developed to meet the demanding needs of Edge and industrial customers.

More information about NGD and its storage solutions is available from GLYN upon request. 

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