We attach particular importance to the direct transfer of know-how.
That is why we came up with the idea of offering special digital SUPPORT.

"GLYN-Talks" – compact knowledge and interesting topics

The benefits for you:

  • You determine the "GLYN-Talks" topics
    From the available module programme as required, approx. 20 minutes per talk.
  • You choose the time and the participants
    To fit in with your schedule.
    Colleagues from your company can be quickly integrated.
  • Almost like being there in person
    Live specialists from GLYN / manufacturer: all your questions are dealt with individually and immediately.
  • An MS Teams solution
    A well-known platform. Fast, customised, combinable, simple, free.

Choose your modules.

Our GLYN-Academy team will coordinate everything else with you and the specialists. 

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Please note that in some countries, specific or restrictive agreements have been reached with various manufacturers.

Analog ICs

Module Topic Content Manufacturer Request/ Book
AIC-001 Voltage regulator line-up ABLIC regulates your voltage
You need compact and efficient voltage regulators?
ABLIC offers you a wide range of linear LDOs
a) in ultra small package HSNT-4 (0808, AOI compatible)
b) with extremely low quiescent current of typ. 2nA (S-1318xxx)
c) products qualified for automotive use.
In combination with ABLIC's low-current and ultra-small voltage detectors and analog battery protection ICs, you can develop very compact battery applica-tions with high safety standards. And this with battery runtimes that have hardly been achieved so far. How? Find out in our GLYN-Talk.
AIC-002 Power Management DC/DC-Sync.-Buck Efficient power management solution from SG MICRO
Would you like to implement an efficient and robust power management solution with little effort?
In this GLYN-Talk, we will show you how you can easily implement this.
Using a retrofit design on µA/LM78XX-TO-220 form factor, you will learn what you need to consider in the design.
The focus is on the SGM61410 synchronous switching regulator from SG MI-CRO

Digital isolation

Module Topic Content Manufacturer Request/ Book
DIL-001 Switch the design safely and quickly with digital isolators SKYWORKS is the new manufacturer behind the digital isolation
Communication systems must work reliably over long distances in harsh industrial environments. Capacitive isolation technology is particularly suitable for noise-insensitive, potential-separated signal transmission. SKYWORKS Solutions Inc. has acquired the fast-growing digital insulation business of SILICON LABS. We are happy to introduce you to the capacitive insulation portfolio. In our GLYN-Talk we will show you suitable solutions for your development.


Module Topic Content Manufacturer Request/ Book
DIS-001 GLYN, your HMI partner How to transform a display into a modern and robust HMI.
"Smartphone Look & Feel". Familiar things from our daily lives are increasingly finding their way into industrial applications. How do you transform a display into a modern and robust HMI? GLYN is your partner for glass, printing, optical bonding, touch and mechanics. This GLYN-Talk will help you set the course for successful implementation
DIS-002 Achieve your development goal faster with SMART Embedded Display Your path to the "smart" display solution
Smart Embedded: What is that and what advantages does a smart display of-fer? Here the intelligence is already built into the display! Smart Embedded products are displays with a Cortex®-M7 (ST32 series) and various interfaces. In addition, you get a software with which you can conjure up a modern GUI on the display within a few hours. Learn more about the fast way to the goal with this GLYN-Talk.
DIS-005 Displays & System Solutions Update 2023 New technologies and possibilities for your applications
HMI systems, displays and touch panels, embedded solutions and industrial PCs: In this GLYN-Talk, we will inform you about new technologies and possibil-ities that will help you develop your application faster and better.
DIS-007 HOLITECH ePaper Displays A display like a piece of paper: Get to know the advantages of ePaper Displays and where they can be used. HOLITECH

Embedded Computing

Module Topic Content Manufacturer Request/ Book
EBC-001 CoM modules in industry One click to the new power class
Simply exchange the power class with one click. CoM modules can be scaled excellently. You select the right modules from a wide range of peripheral op-tions. This ensures that your application remains future-compatible. Count on long-term availability of 7 years and more. Learn more about areas of applica-tion and starter kits for a quick start in GLYN-Talk.
EBC-002 Industrial PC Solutions The latest developments that you can use directly
Industrial PCs - endless scope and possibilities. Here you will get an overview of the extensive portfolio of industrial PC solutions offered by GLYN. Gain insights into the latest technologies from the area of Computer on Modules (CoM), motherboards, SBCs as well as Rugged Tablet Computers and Panel PCs. In our GLYN-Talk "Industrial PC Solutions" you will learn how GLYN and our man-ufacturers AAEON, ADVANTECH and MITAC can support you in your devel-opment.
EBC-003 ARM® in industrial applications From CoM to Boxed PC: ARM® in different form factors
With increasing performance at low power consumption ARM® processors become more and more interesting for all kind of industrial applications, where X86 has been used before. In this GLYN-Talk you will get an overview of our portfolio of CoM Modules, SBCs, Boxed PCs an Tablets based on ARM®.


Module Topic Content Manufacturer Request/ Book
INT-001 Video bridge ICs for high-speed protocols Fast transfer of large amounts of data
Increasing resolutions and image qualities for multimedia content. Huge amounts of data are transferred between cameras, displays and peripherals. With TOSHIBA Videobridge ICs you connect MIPI🄬, LVDS, DisplayPort and HDMI to the interfaces of your application. In our GLYN-Talk we show you which bridge is suitable for your product - from a technical and commercial point of view.

Memory Solutions

Module Topic Content Manufacturer Request/ Book
MEM-001 Xmore® – Tailor-made industrial storage media Memory solutions for individual customer requirements
Industrial storage media made to measure! Learn more about our Xmore® brand. Find out how easily and individually product-specific customizations are possible. Find out more in our GLYN-Talk.
MEM-004 Industrial only – ATP Optimized for industrial use already during wafer production
Industrial only! Under this motto, we will guide you through the range of industrial flash products from ATP with our GLYN-Talk. With ATP, you are relying on a manufacturer where the value chain already begins on a wafer basis. From ma-terial procurement to mass production, ATP takes care of all steps. This means you benefit from high quality and long-term product cycles. Thanks to excellent supply chain management, you benefit from short delivery times.
MEM-007 Powerful FRAM technology from FUJITSU Almost unlimited read and write cycles.
EEPROM was yesterday! Now rely on the powerful FRAM technology. Ideal for mobile applications and with 1013 P/E cycles almost indestructible. With FU-JITSU you rely on more than 50 years of memory experience. FRAM is a non-volatile memory that surpasses EEPROM and Flash. FRAMs offer virtually un-limited read and write cycles. This advantage realizes high memory density and stable communication for read and write operations. For more information, check out our GLYN-Talk.
MEM-009 KIOXIA explains 3D Flash technologies This is how 3D NAND flash becomes suitable for industry
3D is not only in the cinema! KIOXIA as the inventor of Flash technology intro-duces its innovative BiCS Flash technology to the market. What are the tech-nical advantages of 3D Flash? What are the advantages of the used charge trap cell technology, while other NAND Flash manufacturers still use floating gate cells for data storage? You can find out all about this in our GLYN-Talk.
MEM-011 Design-in storage media for price-sensitive applications KINGSTON Is With You!
For over 30 years, Kingston® has been trusted by customers and partners for its technical expertise, reliability, quality and service. The world's largest independent manufacturer of storage products now offers ranges of design-in SATA and NVMe™ SSDs as well as memory modules in the C-Temp. range. These have been specially developed for system developers and manufacturers. You can find more information in our GLYN-Talk.
EXASCEND - NEXT LEVEL INDUSTRIAL PCIe® SSDs Solutions for tomorrow's storage challenges - Choosing the right SSD is a process that must consider your detailed requirements profile. Sustained write performance, security solution, power loss protection, or other exclusive technologies. Get the best out of your application! For excellent performance and maximum capacity. Book your GLYN Talk now. EXASCEND


Module Topic Content Manufacturer Request/ Book
OPT-001 TOSHIBA optocoupler line-up Quick and compact the highlights of the manufacturer
According to its own information, TOSHIBA is the global market leader in the manufacture of optical semiconductors. The manufacturer can draw on more than 40 years of experience in the field of optocouplers. In our GLYN-Talk, we present the current lineup of optocouplers and photorelays. Learn everything about a quick evaluation via starter kits and PROMO cards.


Module Topic Content Manufacturer Request/ Book
OTH-001 International Sourcing Worldwide procurement of products from leading manufacturers
GLYN offers you two solid business areas or contract models for the procure-ment of components - franchise and sourcing. Especially in sourcing, we have a stable supplier structure that has grown over 30 years and is secure. Here we procure products from leading manufacturers worldwide. And with the high standards of a franchise dealer in terms of quality, service and reliability.
Learn all about our sourcing service in our GLYN-Talk.
OTH-002 GLYN Logistics: Secure supply chain for development and production The red link in your supply chain
Do you want to become independent of long and fluctuating replenishment times in semiconductor electronics?
You also want to gain additional supply security?
In this GLYN-Talk, we will show you our tools to achieve exactly that for you. From this, we will create a solution tailored to your needs. You will also learn why you can even save time and money in the process.

Power Electronics

Module Topic Content Manufacturer Request/ Book
POW-001 Low-voltage MOSFETs - Really "cool" types with more performance New housings improve cooling and increase reliability
More power, less heat. These "guys" just stay "cool." TOSHIBA's U-MOS IX-H and X-H MOSFETs are highly efficient devices for DC-DC converters, power supplies, chargers, BLDC motor controllers. Here you can achieve excellent efficiencies. New packages improve cooling and increase reliability. The com-ponents are specified for applications up to 175 °C. Find out in our GLYN-Talk which "cool" types you should go for.

RTCs (real-time clocks)

Module Topic Content Manufacturer Request/ Book
QRZ-001 Energy-efficient RTCs (real-time clocks) Highest precision in the currently smallest housing in the world
Your application requires a very precise time reference? And as energy-efficient as possible? Learn all about ABLIC's very special timer products in our GLYN-Talk. From Real-Time Clocks to Convenience Timers to Counter ICs. ABLIC offers the smallest packages in the world today, measuring 0.8 x 0.8 x 0.4 mm. The manufacturer is also a leader in standard packages such as SOT 23-5 and SOT89. Ideal for products in medical, industrial and automotive applications.


Module Topic Content Manufacturer Request/ Book
SEN-002 Hall effect ICs for motor control Reliable magnetic sensors for demanding environments
Would you like to operate your motor even more compactly and efficiently? Or optimize it for use in particularly challenging environmental conditions?
With the Zero Crossing Latch (ZCL™) Hall-effect ICs from ABLIC, you will find an extensive product range of magnetic sensors. We will be happy to present these to you in more detail in our GLYN-Talk.
SEN-004 Ultrasound Time of Flight Sensor with industrial design options MEMS-based ultrasonic sensor enables best results especially on difficult surfaces such as glass.
TDK Chirp Microsystems has developed a high-quality 3D sensor platform. This is based on the sonar principle and combines it with "optical" time-of-flight sensor technology. With a range of up to 5 metres and a 180° wide field of view, it is ideal for precise distance measurement, proximity sensing, object detection or position determination.
In our GLYN Talk you will learn how to use the advantages of this technology in your applications.
TDK Chirp
SEN-006 Conquering the Internet of Sensors with Motion Sensors MEMS Inertial Sensors for Automotive and Industry
An Inertial Measurement Unit(IMU) combines an accelerometer and a gyrometer. The multi-axis unit detects changes in speed and direction. Even at 8 out of 10 automotive OEM's, TDK InvenSense sensors find their application in advanced driving assistance systems.
TDK InvenSense


Module Topic Content Manufacturer Request/ Book
WIR-002 The perfect companion for battery-operated IoT applications Up to 10 years of transmitting and receiving with a 3 V button cell
The BG22 is the latest derivative of the Blue Gecko family from SILICON LABS. Its extremely low power consumption in transmit and receive mode makes this SoC the perfect companion for battery-powered IoT applications. Up to 10 years on a coin cell is possible for certain use cases. In addition to the lat-est ARM Cortex M33 technology, the SILICON LABS solution offers additional tools in the development environment. The Simplicity Studio 5 contains all im-portant tools and examples to make your development with the BG22 efficient and comfortable. Learn more in our GLYN-Talk.
WIR-005 5G – High speed connectivity Worldwide high speed quickly integrated in M.2 form factor
The latest mobile technology 5G enables new applications with fast data trans-mission. In the GLYN-Talk, we present the technology with the most important features as well as concrete product solutions.
WIR-006 Cellular modules for industrial M2M and IoT applications Into the IoT with a scalable wireless solution - thanks to SIERRA WIRE-LESS
How can wireless be integrated quickly and reliably into your applications? What product solutions are available? And why should you pay attention to scalability?
We will answer these and other questions in the GLYN-Talk based on the solu-tions in the compact and scalable Common Flexible Form Factor CF3.
WIR-007 LTE-M und NB-IoT – Power-efficient into the Internet-of-Things Connecting your battery-powered application to the IoT
Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) radio technologies LTE-M and NB-IoT enable low-power, battery-operated applications for the Internet-of-Things. In this GLYN-Talk, learn what makes these technologies tick and what concrete solu-tions are available.

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