Live Online Seminar:
ABLIC - High-accuracy semiconductors for greater safety in implementing Industry 4.0


What do you understand by the term "Industry 4.0"?
You may have wondered what this meant at trade fairs almost 10 years ago.

Industry 4.0 = Digitalization and the Intelligent networking of machines and processes.

Factories rely on IoT and automation to sustainably improve productivity. High-accuracy sensor technology controls these processes. These sensors require equally high-accuracy semiconductor products for connectivity. Voltage Trackers, DC-DC Converters, Watchdog Timers and Operational Amplifiers from ABLIC exhibit their strength within 4.0.

"This allows you to better meet the high functional safety requirements of industrial applications while optimizing their efficiency," promises Claudia Jackson, ABLIC Product Manager at GLYN.


Learn more during our live online seminar regarding how to optimize your 4.0 applications with products from ABLIC Inc along with GLYN-SUPPORT.

Seminar Language: English
Date: 09.02.2023
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Platform: Microsoft TEAMS

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