General information


FUJITSU Electronics Europe will continue to operate under the name KAGA FEI EUROPE GmbH as of December 29, 2020.

Name / Legal form: KAGA FEI EUROPE GmbH (former Fujitsu Electronics Europe)

Headquarters: Langen, Germany

History: KAGA FEI EUROPE (KFEU) (until December 29, 2020: Fujitsu Electronics Europe) is a subsidiary of the Japanese distributor KAGA FEI (former Fujitsu Electronics Inc.). For over 30 years. KFEU, with its European headquarters in Langen, has been developing and selling a wide range of semiconductor products and electrical components in the automotive, communications, multimedia, industrial and graphics solutions sectors. in the meantime, the former Fujitsu development department has been transferred to the two external companies Infineon and Socionext; With effect from February 28, 2015, 195 employees moved to the newly founded Socionext. In its role as a pure distribution company, KFEU focuses on the sale of semiconductors and components. The EMS business was added as a result of the connection to Kaga Electronics as a partner.

Year of foundation: 1980

Division / Area: FRAM Memories, GaN Transistors, Custom SoCs, ASICs, Imaging & Graphics Solutions, PCBs & Interconnect Technologies, Advanced Packaging, LEDs, DC/DC Converter

Line-Up: Ferroelectric RAM (FRAM), RFID-FRAM, Resistive Random (ReRAM), MPEG Decoder / Encoder, Embedded Grafik Controller, Touch Panels (analog-resistiv), Touch Panel Controller Boards, Touch System Controller, Radar Sensors, Camera Sensors, Video Processing Decoder/Encoder

Core competences: FRAM Memories, Socionext Graphic Controller, Flash, DRAM

Typical applications: Automotive (combined instruments, engine control units, navigation), Industry 4.0 (sensors, motor controls, HMI), metering, industrial controllers



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