General information

ACLAVIS is a proprietary brand of GLYN for displays & system solutions. Under ACLAVIS we offer customer-oriented solutions, which we develop independently and manufacturer-independently. Clever ideas packed into components, suitable for industrial use and available in small and large quantities.

Name / Legal form: ACLAVIS a trademark of GLYN GmbH & Co. KG

Headquarters: Idstein, Germany

History: In 2015, we started to develop and manufacture standard solutions with display, touch and cover glass as Aclavis. The aim was to offer customers a technically well thought-out and industrially viable solution, which is also available in small quantities. A short time later, this concept was transferred to CoM modules.

Year of foundation: The Aclavis brand was registered in 2015

Division / Area: Touch displays, baseboards for CoM modules

Line-Up: Displays and Baseboards for Computer on Modules (CoM). Under the Brand ACLAVIS we offer Customer oriented Solutions which we develop on our own, independently from Manufacturers. Components fully packed with clever Ideas, suitable for industrial Applications and available in small Quantities as well as in large.

Core competences: Practical standard solutions' off the shelf' for displays and CoM modules

Typical applications: Any type of HMI (human-machine interface) in industrial environments


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