General informations

Name / Legal form: ABLIC Inc. / ABLIC Europe GmbH

Headquarters: Chiba, Japan

History: ABLIC, formerly Seiko(SII), supports innovative developments with a continuously growing range of high-quality, power and space-saving analog semiconductors. ABLIC developed from today's Seiko Group out of a watch shop founded by Kintaro Hattori in Tokyo/Japan in 1881. Already in 1968 the development of own CMOS ICs began. On 05.01.2018 the company was renamed to ABLIC.

Year of foundation: January 2016

Division / Area: Analog Semiconductor Products

Line-Up: Power Supply ICs (LDO Voltage Regulators / Detectors, Switching Regulators, Real-Time-Clocks, Lithium-ion Battery Protection ICs), DC/DC Converters, EEPROMs (serial 2-wire, 3-wire, SPI), Hall Sensors

Core competences: Analog ICs, Battery Management Systems (BMS), Sensors, Automotive ICs.

Typical applications: Batteries for various applications (electric bike, power tools, gardening tools, kitchen appliances...), battery-powered and handheld applications, automotive applications, industrial and medical applications



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