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Innovative Logistics Solutions with Know-how


Allow us to introduce ourselves. GLYN!


A trustworthy partner you can rely on in any situation – what could be more important in business? Schedules and deadlines have to be kept – but it‘s not always easy. At GLYN it is our goal to make your life a little easier.

Our active participation in the design process for the end product makes GLYN stand out. You can be sure that your component needs are implemented based on high-quality items that are available. We also have excellent relationships with manufacturers and suppliers around the world and we can obtain older components quickly, even if they‘re hard to find.

At GLYN, we‘re not only a logistics partner. It is our aim to match your needs with our products.

And of course, we‘re DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified.

What makes GLYN your Partner in Logistics?


As a logistics partner we offer our customers the whole world of electronic parts, i. e. displays, semiconductors, memory cards, wireless solutions or other high-quality electronic components. We offer over 30,000 items to our customers.

Specialized generalists

On the one hand, we offer our customers universal parts that can be used for many applications as needed. And on the other hand, we also provide highly specialized „A-parts“, such as displays or special controllers for quite specific tasks or whole systems.

Just as in any industry, the semiconductor industry has its high-runners. Our high-runners are always available at reasonable prices and short term in large quantities. Thus, GLYN ensures your continuous production capability.

We help in other ways, too

Special needs call for custom solutions. At GLYN, we can help you fi nd the right component for any purpose – that‘s why we participate actively in the design process and circuit board development. Do you have a task for us? We‘ll work out the solution together!

Availability is everything

There‘s nothing worse than idle production lines! At GLYN, we offer you security. We can provide you instantly with different powerful concepts to prevent this sort of unpleasant and costly situation arising.



The six Strategies for Success

Fixed delivery plan – the constant alternative

Forecast – the flexible alternative

KANBAN – the carefree alternative

Consignment stock – the classic alternative

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) – the confidant alternative

Safety stock – the safe alternative


We also have what we don’t have

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