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USB Modules

GLYN-partner for USB solutions is FTDI. The company was founded in 1990 and its headquarters are located in Glasgow.

FTDI is specialised in developing quick and easy solutions for USB applications.

The company combines USB-serial (USB-RS232) and USB-FIFO silicon solutions with "ready-to-go" USB drivers and, thereby, offers an easy way for USB migration.

Their complete solutions provide for reduced development and debug costs and a fast time-to-market.


We offer you a selection of FTDI products to allow easy interfacing to devices over USB. 

The FT232R for example is a USB to serial UART interface, while the FT2232 is the 3rd generation of FTDI's popular USB UART/FIFO IC family.


USB Modules 

The modules allow our customers to quickly evaluate FTDI devices and drivers prior to commencing their own design. 

Some modules simply incorporate the FTDI device and essential support components into a convenient DIP format, whilst others have an on-board microcontroller as well.



Converter Cables

FTDI has a broad range of cables which can be used mainly for testing the functionality of their devices and drivers prior to design-in.