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Differential Pressure Sensor


A beat of the wings is enough...
...the precision differential pressure sensors from SENSIRION measure it!
They detect even the smallest pressure differences down to 0.1 pascal (1 bar  = 100,000 pascal).

SENSIRION's digital and dynamic differential pressure sensors:

  • Can be used immediately – You can save the time-consuming calibration!
  • Are easy to connect – Precision measurement over the entire service life!
    (MTBF > 650 years)
  • Have no drift or offset of any kind
The high sensitivity is achieved by thermal mass flow process.
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Humidity and Temperature Sensors

FeuchteTemperatursensoren_250px Humidity and Temperature Sensors from Sensirion with CMOSens®

Temperature Sensors from SII

  • Digital and Anolog
  • Low current consumption
  • High accuracy
  • Small package

Hall Sensors

LinearsensorenSwitch Winkelsensoren
  • Linear sensors
  • Switch
  • Angle sensors

Current Sensors


Current sensors for customized solutions 

  • Programmable current Sensors for accurate applications
  • Ratiometric output signal
  • Built-in temperature compensation
  • Built-in calibration function
TAMURA To cover target markets such as UPS controls, welding equipment and all types of motion control applications as well as in the field of renewable energy TAMURA offers a broad product portfolio of diverse current sensors.