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TAMURA was founded in 1924 and owns production facilities in Japan, China, Europe as well as in North and South America.

To cover target markets such as UPS controls, welding equipment and all types of motion control applications as well as in the field of renewable energy TAMURA offers a broad product portfolio of diverse current sensors.

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L07P L18P 3A-30A L18P Bus Bar L08P


















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Secure Fluxgate current sensor presents now!


Significantly higher measuring accuracy.
Fluxgate has a significantly higher measuring accuracy than sensors based on Hall technology. This facilitates safe and reliable control of your application at any time. The compact design of the current sensors makes them usable in very small spaces. The converters can be directly connected to the 5 V input of a microcontroller.

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Current sensors for motor controls and inverters:
Accurate identification of currents up to 500 A


These current sensors protect people and equipment, even against high currents.

The TAMURA closed-loop sensors integrate measuring accuracy into all applications for which high currents are used.

The S27S300D15xx series accurately records a current value of 300 A (nominal) and 500 A (maximum). It is particularly suitable for use in motor control, UPS and inverter applications.

The current sensors operate with a direct current of ±15 V within a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

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