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TOSHIBA Microcontroller

One cent per pin:
Unbelievable, but true – Cortex™-M3 100-Pin MCU for EUR 1.00


Cheaper than a burger! - TOSHIBA makes it all possible.

Toshiba has now come up with the following slogan for its 32-bit Cortex™-M3 TMPM330 microcontroller:

"For one cent a pin".

This applies to purchasing volumes of at least 10,000 units. However, smaller volumes are also available at extremely favourable prices.
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Helpful technology hint:
Redesign by TOSHIBA TLCS900 based on Cortex™-M3


…make it quick and cheap!

TOSHIBA's well-known TLCS900 family is now over 10 years old.
Many series will be discontinued now or in the near future.

Is the TLCS900 still a major component of your application?
Are you planning an upgrade to a modern and cheap Cortex™-M3?

Here is a helpful hint how you can continue to use your TLCS900 knowledge:
TLCS900 with Cortex™-M3 Core = TX03 by TOSHIBA

At GLYN, we have already put this to the test for you.
It works!

Click here to read all about the quick conversion and the GLYN tool action for those switching over and for newcomers to the market ...
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Quickly implement BLDC Drive Controllers:
ARM® Cortex™ Development Board Concept from TOSHIBA and GLYN


BLDC motor controller with Cortex-M3 made very easy:
TOSHIBA's M37sigma offers the flexibility of a 32-Bit MCU, but handles as easily as a motor control IC (ASSP).

Rapid starting support is included.
You can immediately use the board concept by TOSHIBA and GLYN.

The firmware is freely available. It can be used in combination with the "MotorMind" GUI directly to parametrise and tune your controller without having to write a single line of C-code.

The "SigmaBoard" 60 W brushless evaluation platform of the manufacturer can be used as…
… Starter kit
… Reference design
… Independent, field-orientated controller (FOC)

The GLYN-Baseboard and the TOSHIBA SigmaBoard are jointly connected via USB to your PC. A sufficient number of MOSFETs to provide 3 half-bridges for motor control have already been integrated. Simply plug in the TOSHIBA board – and it works!

The complete set of SigmaBoard with Baseboard and BLDC-motor is available for only EUR 149.00 plus VAT and shipping costs!
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Low Cost, high Reliability:
TOSHIBA TMPM37X Motor Control


Relieve the load on your processor!

The hardware Vector engine in the TOSHIBA TMPM37X series helps the Cortex-M3 processor to achieve top performance. As the CPU is hardly used, it is able to make use of its full processing power for other tasks. As these are 5 V controllers, no additional level shifters are required.

Find out everything you wanted to know about high-performance technologies in TOSHIBA's exclusive motor control video.
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TX03 Product Series
Cortex-M3 Microcontroller from Toshiba

Toshiba, a world leader in semiconductor technology, offers an extensive line of ARM-based microcontrollers. Toshiba microcontrollers are part of a total Microcontroller System Solution, supported by expert-trained technical professionals ready to answer your design questions, provide application support and even modify existing devices to meet your growing application needs.


TX03 Product Series
Cortex-M3 Microcontroller
TX09 Product Series
ARM9 Microcontroller for high-end graphic solutions
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Application Notes / Sample Programs

Application notes are sample software provided on a free of charge basis according to § 516 German Civil law (BGB) to help customers understand Toshiba microcontrollers and learn how to create programs when developing new products.

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Toshiba Microcontroller Parametric Search


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Tools / Starterkits

It is widely recognized that the absorption of lead into the human body can lead to a variety of health problems. To protect the environment against contamination by lead from waste electronic equipment and components, there is a growing worldwide movement to restrict the use of lead...

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