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Quickly implement BLDC Drive Controllers:
ARM® Cortex™ Development Board Concept from TOSHIBA and GLYN


BLDC motor controller with Cortex-M3 made very easy:
TOSHIBAs M37sigma offers the flexibility of a 32-bit MCU, but makes handling as easy as a motor control IC (ASSP).

Rapid starting support is included.
You can immediately use the board concept by TOSHIBA and GLYN.


Powerful 32-Bit ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller
TOSHIBA's TMPM373 features an 80 MHz cycle, 128 KB flash, 6 KB RAM, 12-bit ADC and lots of 16-bit timers for motion control. The firmware is freely available. It is based on the free RTOS operating system that can be combined with TOSHIBA's free "MotorMind" GUI and makes the installation of a new BLDC motor much easier. It can be used in combination with the "MotorMind" directly to parametrise and tune your controller without having to write a single line of C-code.


The "SigmaBoard" 60 W brushless evaluation platform of the manufacturer can be used as…
… Starter kit
… Reference design
… Independent, field-orientated controller (FoC)


You can quickly integrate the TOSHIBA Sigma Board into your respective motor control applications by using the GLYN EVB-SIGMA-BASEBOARD. The SigmaBoard already has a small power stage that provides approx. 60 W at 24 V.

The EVB-SIGMA-BASEBOARD is already prepared for the connection of a Bluetooth module, so that your application can also be controlled by an Android smart phone or tablet.




Here you can view 2 videos and 3 images regarding all the advantages of the controller, the TOSHIBA evaluation platform and the GLYN base board: 



The TOSHIBA and GLYN development board concept
GLYN's EVB-SIGMA-BASEBOARD is a carrier platform that provides a useful and sensible infrastructure for the TOSHIBA SigmaBoard. The combination of the BMSKTOPASSIGMA(kc) with the EVB-SIGMA-BASEBOARD currently provides not only the simplest, but also the most cost-effective access to the world of field-orientated control of permanent magnet synchronous motors.

3 steps - the complete set allows you to start right away:

1. Simply apply the operating voltage
2. Select the direction of rotation with the CW/CCW button
3. Set the required rotation speed with the UP and DOWN buttons

The BMSKTOPSSIGMA(kc) is plugged onto the base board using the two 20-pin precision sockets.

The GLYN EVB-SIGMA-BASE provides the following:

  • Provision of the operating voltages required:
    +5V for the TMP373sigma
    VM bridge voltage for the three-phase bridge and the motor
  • The board input is provided with reverse polarity protection.
  • All important input and output signals are available at test points and pin headers, which were provided with appropriate identifiers.
  • The pin headers for the high-speed DSO functionality are intended for connecting the  C232HD-EDHSP-0 made by the FTDI, which can be sourced from us under this label.
  • 34-pin plug connector with latch for in-house, external power components or for LV and HV power components from our company, e.g.: EVB-M37X-IPM-POWER and EVB-M37X-LV-POWER.
  • BOOT-jumper for simple flashing of the new firmware by using FlashMind
  • Stand-alone operation: rotation speed selection with duty cycle and the UP/DOWN buttons, visualisation of the duty cycles with the bar graph LEDs
  • Rotation direction setting with the CW/CCW button
  • Alternative rotation speed selection with the analogue voltage set by the trimmer potentiometer
  • Pin header for external input of signals (DUTY, ASPD, CW/CCW) from an in-house module, e.g. own host CPU
  • Connection for Sparkfun / BT-Mate Bluetooth module to facilitate control with MotorMind for Android
  •  PIN header for positive-impulse RC-servo for rotation speed selection: Duty 1.0 ms – 2 ms

EUR 45,00 
plus tax and shipping 
EUR 149,00
plus tax and shipping


  • Ready printed board assembly
  • Plug terminal RIACON AKL 349 2-polig
  • Plug terminal RIACON AKL 169 2-polig
  • GLYN USB stick with software and documentation




  • Ready printed board assembly
  • Plug terminal RIACON AKL 349 2-polig
  • Plug terminal RIACON AKL 169 2-polig
  • BLDC motor EMAX CF2805
  • USB-A on USB-B-Micro cable
  • GLYN USB stick with software and documentation
  • Ready to use

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