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Helpful technology hint:
Redesign by TOSHIBA TLCS900 based on Cortex™-M3


…make it quick and cheap!

TOSHIBA's well-known TLCS900 family is now over 10 years old.
Many series will be discontinued now or in the near future.

Is the TLCS900 still a major component of your application?
Are you planning an upgrade to a modern and cheap Cortex-M3?

Here is a helpful hint how you can  continue to use your TLCS900 knowledge:
TLCS900 with Cortex-M3 Core = TX03 by TOSHIBA

At GLYN, we have already put this to the test for you.
It works!

Conversion made easy
TOSHIBA makes it as easy as possible for users of TLCS900 microcontrollers.
Thus most of the peripheral elements in the TLCS900 series were taken over into the TX03 series (Cortex M3). Even TLCS870 applications can be redesigned with only minor changes. In addition, the TX03 series also has modern interfaces in its portfolio. Thus there are MCUs with USB hosts devices and Ethernet interfaces.

Very low development costs
You can use the GNU compiler and the Eclipse development environment to program your application free of charge. For debutting you only need a Segger J-Link Debugger and hardware, e.g. a starter kit by IAR or Keil, with a Segger J-Link-Lite Debugger.

Wide range
TOSHIBA has a TX03 MCU solution ready for almost any application.
The spectrum ranges from 30-144 pins, 40-144 MHz, flash from 64 KB to 2 MB and SRAM from 6 KB to 128 KB. Even USB, and Ethernet interfaces are included. The TMPM370 series also has a 3-phase PWM with an integrated, programmable motor drive (PMD) and a Vector engine (VE).


To provide an easy overview, TOSHIBA has summarised the functions for the entire series in a single table:

Starter kits by IAR and Keil
For the TX03 series, you can of course also make use of the well-known development environments by IAR and Keil. The starter kits always include an evaluation board and a Segger J-Link Lite Debugger. You can order these directly from us.

Sample programs
TOSHIBA provides sample programs for all peripheral elements in the TX03 series.
These have already been prepared for various C-compilers.

Large-scale tool action for all switch-overs and newcomers to the market:
To facilitate your switch-over to the TX03 series, we are offering you the following starter kits at half-price.


  • TMPM330-SK
  • TMPM364-SK
  • TMPM366-SK
  • TMPM380-SK



Free test samples
You can order MCU samples from GLYN.
Please briefly consult our MCU team to ensure that they are suitable for you.

For more information please contact your local GLYN sales office.