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Cortex™-M microcontroller from CYPRESS:
Build-it-yourself with digital and analogue components!


Discover new possibilities with the freely programmable digital and analogue components of the CYPRESS PSoC® MCUs.

Be your own semiconductor manufacturer and design your own chip!

PSoC® = Programmable System on Chip.
What is the biggest advantage of using the modern PSoC® MCUs?

You can now integrate your digital and analogue components directly into the IC. This saves space and a lot of money on external elements.



Everything is integrated:

Because of these savings, the PSoC® MCU makes possible many new applications that were previously unimaginable.

For example, DCF77 receivers
now only need a ferrite antenna!!!
The PSoC® implements the entire system, both analogue and digital.

And none of the functions are a load on the CPU!

Your own digital hardware:
You can now realise numerous digital functions that run in real time, leaving the CPU free for other tasks.

It is now easy to create your own interfaces, counters, oscillators and much more. Special register elements create data connections in both directions between the CPU and digital circuit.

A library with more than 150 circuit elements is available. Additional elements can be created and added as desired.

Some analogue hardware:
The PSoC® is equipped with low power comparators, op-amps, temperature sensor, ADC, DAC, analogue multiplexer and much more for analogue functions. These, as well as numerous external analogue elements can be relocated onto the chip and wired individually.

Special hardware:
The PSoC® family is equipped with more high-quality hardware:
CapSense® function for executing up to 62 capacitive touch sensors.


They may also be used as fill level sensors for fluids.

CYPRESS PSoC®4 BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) is the first fully functioning Bluetooth 4.2 compatible one-chip solution with best-in-class integration:

  • Space-saving with integral balun, five power modes and easy-to-launch APIs, thus optimizing the application for improved battery life.
  • Also available as a certified module.



Additional technical data:

  • CPU: Cortex™-M0 (PSoC® 4) / Cortex™-M3 (PSoC® 5LP)
  • Operating voltage: 1.71 to 5.5 V (PSoC® 5LP: 0.5 to 5.5 V)
  • Standby current: 150 nA (with RAM), 20 nA (without RAM)


Easy development using the PSoC® Creator:



Develop your digital and analogue circuits as effortlessly as using a drawing board.
Your drawing is then loaded simultaneously with your CPU program into PSoC® with the press of a button.

It is also possible to design and add the circuit using Verilog.

The PSoC® series:

  • PSoC 4000
    (low cost with CapSense® function)
  • PSoC 4100 / PSoC 4200
    (with expanded analogue and digital functional blocks)
  • PSoC 4100M / PSoC 4200M
    (expanded analogue and digital functional blocks, CAN)
  • PSoC 4100 BLE / PSoC 4200 BLE
    (Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • PSoC 5LP
    (widely expanded analogue and digital functional blocks, 24-bit digital filter)          
Let yourself be inspired by these new opportunities and develop new compact devices and applications for the IoT sector, energy harvesting and SmartHome applications. This MCU series will open up new markets for you.


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