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  • High reliable
  • Latch up free
  • Extremely low soft error rate


  • SRAM, 3V (256 KBit-16MBit)
  • SRAM, 3V (32MBit)
  • SRAM, 5V
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Protect your Data with High-Tech Superpowers


Secure your free sample box now!

With the innovative advanced technology, the low-power SRAMs by RENESAS are unbeatable! Data retention is guaranteed by protection against cosmic radiation. RENESAS offers a wide selection of SRAMs from 256 KBit – 64 MBit (MCP).

Our sample box contains the new 4 MB/5 V version.

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Five unbeatable Advantages:
This is why you should use RENESAS SRAMs


Frank Werthmann, Section Manager Quality & Environmental Management at GLYN confirms it: "Nobody complains about faulty products!"

Do away with complaints about faulty end product functionality.
Put your trust in reliable RENESAS Core Advanced Technology.
This is why you should use RENESAS SRAMs: Here are your 5 unbeatable advantages:
Here are your 5 unbeatable advantages:
1. Perfect quality and reliability, install it and it works!

RENESAS SRAMs are the best-quality SRAMs in the industry: less than 1 failure in 1,140 years!
Which is the same as <100 Failure In Time


Save precious purchasing and development time.

A SRAM manufacturer for all your applications.

In terms of capacity … 
The largest selection of densities in the world from a single source: 256 KBit to 64 MBit

… and also in terms of packages, of course.


The greatest selection of package types in the world:
- SOP, TSOP and FBGA packages
- upgrade option in the same package
4. You can rest assured for the long term and have more time for other important things.
Long-term availability for all current derivatives: RENESAS has been supporting the 256 KBit product for 21 years, for example
5. Fast, first-class PREMIUM support should you have any questions or need samples RENESAS and GLYN provide local European support.
You only have to ask!

Make the switch to the lowest soft error rate in the industry with SRAMS.
Reliability is crucial for customer satisfaction!

More information and an overview of current products can be found here:
PDF Low power SRAMS 052015 (2,10 MB)

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