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Fujitsu FRAM


Ferroelectric RAM (FRAM)

FRAMs combine all the advantages of non-volatile storage. MCUs with FRAM can eliminate the distinction between ROM and RAM.
Long lifetimes paired with high speed – the best references for your product.


Advantages of FRAM:

  • Non-volatile storage
  • 25 times faster than EPROM
  • Radiation resistance
  • Long lifetime. 10 billion read/write cycles
  • 10 years data retention
  • Very low power consumption
  • 8/16-bit parallel interface
  • 25MHz SPI interface
  • 400kHz / 1MHz I2C interface
  • Up to 4Mbit memory density


The following Fujitsu products are based on FRAM technology:


The MB95Rxxx family


Standalone FRAM
Individual FRAM components with serial or parallel connection


Combination of RF tags and non-volatile storage


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