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Our manufacturers

EDT is a Taiwanese company established in 1994. It specialises in displays up to 17.8 cm [7.0"]. EDT is a leader in the development of projective/capacitive touch sensors (PolyTouch).


PROMATE focuses on providing specialised solutions. From simple AUO TFT displays to embedded solutions and special adaptations, this company offers interesting industrial solutions.


DISPLAYTEC has been offering a comprehensive range of monochrome LCDs (passive displays) for many years. From simple LCD glass to turnkey modules, this company provides customer-specific products.


VISIONIX is a Chinese company specialising in the production of OLED displays.


Solomon Goldentek Display Corp. was founded in 1989 and is part of the well-known Solomon group. The Solomon group has gained recognition for its display controllers. SGD is specialised in customisation and high-bright displays spanning from 3.5” up to 12.1”.


Tianma has experience in the automotive and consumer market for over 30 years.
Currently they are the fourth largest supplier of small to medium sized displays worldwide.


NLT Technologies Ltd. (formerly known as NEC) is established with more than 20 years experience in the industrial display market.
The products stand out due to high brightness, long lifetime, wide temperature range, long term availability and form-fit-function compatibility.
NLT also has a good name for product availability and backward compatibility. 
NLT company video 2014