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June 2016

IsoAmp promo card – only from GLYN


Your "Starter assembly" for the new TOSHIBA IsoAmps.

TOSHIBA isolation amplifiers, with integrated delta-sigma A/D converters, monitor high-precision current and voltage in motor control systems.

The IsoAmp promo card from GLYN is a ready-printed circuit board.
The card can be used to quickly evaluate and test the TOSHIBA isolation amplifier:

  • Pre-configured board in a handy EC card format
  • Connect directly to your own application or test setup
  • Instantly ready to start
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Test TOSHIBA solid state relays on a "living" object


An invitation for you to test the new TOSHIBA Solid State Relays (SSR)
directly on a "living" object.

With the photo relay promo card from GLYN, you can get started right away.
You can simply connect to your own application or test set-up.

The board comes in a handy EC card format that is already fully loaded:

  • TLP3107 SSR based on power MOSFET
  • TLP3906 photovoltaic couplers as gate drivers. Configuration of SSR based on power MOSFET
  • 2 x TPH4R50ANH 100 V / 93 A N-channel power MOSFETs in common source circuit as an AC-SSR
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New differential pressure sensors from SENSIRION:
The world´s smallest sensor for air flow measurements


The new SDP3x differential pressure sensors are only 5 x 8 x 5 mm small.

This opens up many new possibilities for the measurement of air flows in the smallest of medical and industrial applications.

Impressive are both the small size and precise accuracy of the sensors. They are fully calibrated and temperature-compensated as well as free from any zero point drift.

The sensors measure bi-directional pressure differences of up to 500 Pa.
Further measuring ranges will become available during the course of 2016.
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Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA):
MICRONAS and GLYN expand their sales partnership


MICRONAS and GLYN expand their partnership.

With immediate effect, GLYN GmbH & Co. KG is the franchise partner of MICRONAS GmbH for the sale of MICRONAS products within the economic area of Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

The distribution contract encompasses the whole MICRONAS product range of Hall effect sensors and embedded motor controllers. GLYN is also offering its design customers in EMEA comprehensive support and worldwide logistics

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4 times smaller than a postage stamp at 6 x 6 mm:
All the components for small electrical drives on one chip


The uniquely flexible all-in-one solution for realising the smallest electric motors.
With the HVC 4223F embedded motor controller from MICRONAS, you can control BLDC, BDC and stepper motors.

Here you can find all the components necessary for efficient motor control implemented monolithically on a single chip:

  • With a footprint of 6 x 6 mm — 4 times smaller than a postage stamp
  • For vehicle applications,
    e.g. in industrial environments
  • Qualified for automotive applications
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MITSUBISHI "discount days" with sample promotion:
1200 V / 2 A half-bridge drivers reduced by more than 50 %


Did you know?

The new M81748FP 1200 V driver from MITSUBISHI saves you money!

The new 2-A half-bridge driver for MOSFETs and IGBTs is both technically and economically impressive throughout the whole product line. You save more than 50% compared to the previous M81738FP driver ICs.

Integrated standard functions of the half-bridge driver:

  • Input noise filter
  • Undervoltage lockout
  • Fault output signal pin
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Control your E-Motions:
SANKEN launches product campaign


With the slogan "Control your E‑Motions", SANKEN has introduced several product innovations at PCIM 2016.

Available for download at GLYN now.
Now you can conveniently browse through the new product flyer.

  • PFC Control ICs
  • Buck Regulator IC
  • Off-Line PWM Controllers
  • Stepper Motor Driver
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Ideal for use in 3 V systems:
High-Speed Dual MOSFET drivers for 2 A loads


Compact package – Loads up to 2 A – Switching up to 26.5 V.
The space-saving solution for many MOSFET drives.

Asia's leading analogue IC manufacturer, SG MICRO, introduces its new High-Speed Dual MOSFET driver.

With the SGM48000/1/2 you can switch direct loads of up to 2 A at up to 26.5 V.

The MOSFET drivers recognise a logical "high" input signal above 1.6 VIH. This makes the ICs ideal for use in 3 V-systems.
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For free download!
TAMURA catalogues - current sensors and power modules


All TAMURA current sensors and power modules at a glance!

Save yourself a long search on the Internet.
With us, you can easily, conveniently and securely download our current brochures.

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Switching losses reduced by 15 % thanks to new packaging


TOSHIBA is now offering its 600 V DTMOS IV MOSFETs in a 4-Pin
package too.

The fourth pin reduces the turn-on losses, EON, by up to 15 % compared with a 3-pin solution. This increases the switching efficiency while at the same time decreasing heat development in the component.

This particularly benefits PFC applications and high-performance switching power supplies in hard-switching topologies.

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Protects your application from overcurrent:
Intelligent gate driver optocoupler with 4 A output current


The intelligent TLP5214 gate driver optocoupler by TOSHIBA protects IGBTs and MOSFETs from overcurrent.

Thanks to the high 4 A output current you can directly control more powerful IGBT modules without an additional driver stage. This saves external components and creates space on the board.

These integrated functions add protection and safety:

  • IGBT desaturation detection
  • Undervoltage lockout – (UVLO)
  • Active Miller clamping – protects from overcurrent
  • Long lifetime LED for operating temperatures up to 110 °C
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TRANSPHORM GaN transistor 650 V / 34 A:
Yes, we GaN – with only 47 mOhm RDS(on)!


GaN FET instead of a module solution:
In future, why not build all the advantages of GaN into your applications.

With the TPH3207WS, TRANSPHORM introduces a 650 V / 34 A GaN FET with what is currently the world's lowest RDS(on) value of only 47 mΩ.

Together with an extremely low Qrr value of only 175 nC, you can reduce your system volume by up to 50%!

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