GLYN – High-Tech Distribution

July 2016

High-speed connectivity for 21 frequency bands:
Powerful LTE-Advanced vehicle router


The AirLink MP70 by SIERRA WIRELESS is a high-performance LTE-Advanced (LTE-A-) vehicle router.

It is ideally suited to sensitive applications in the public safety domain – for example, for police authorities, fire departments and rescue services – as well as in local public transport and field services.

The AirLink MP70 is the first router in the sector to provide access to a high-performance vehicle network (Vehicle Area Network, VAN) via Gigabit Ethernet, Gigabit WLAN and 300-MBit/s LTE-A. This allows multiple applications to be used within the vehicle simultaneously

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A robust 4G gateway for industrial applications


The AirLink® Raven RV50 by SIERRA WIRELESS offers the lowest power consumption for an industrial LTE.

Key benefits:

  • Full LTE performance with 2G power consumption
  • Robust industrial gateway
  • Ideal for solar-powered applications
  • Convenient remote maintenance via AirLink Management Service (ALMS Gateway).
Easy to install and manage, the Raven RV50 has been developed for the connection of business-sensitive systems and infrastructures.
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Faster, smarter, safer:
BLE solutions by CYPRESS support all the new Bluetooth 4.2 features

07_PRoC_EZ-BLE_250px That's right! 
CYPRESS is the first manufacturer to offer BLE single-chip solutions that support all the new Bluetooth 4.2 features
  • PSoC 4 BLE Programmable System-on-Chip
  • PRoC BLE Programmable Radio-on-Chip

What's new with Bluetooth 4.2?
In the Bluetooth 4.2 specification, three brand new features for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE, also known as Bluetooth Smart) devices have been added.
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This SRAM enables battery-free design:
CYPRESS nvSRAM with 1 MBit and Quad SPI


With the non-volatile SRAM technology (nvSRAM), your RAID storage, industrial automation and network applications are easier to implement and more space-efficient:

The CYPRESS nvSRAMs offer fast 45 ns access time, as well as secure data storage, completely without batteries – for 20 years!

Thanks to a Quad SPI interface, the CY14V101QS 1 MBit nvSRAM runs with a frequency of up to 108 MHz.
As a result, it offers higher performance than a memory with a parallel interface (x8 IO width, 45 ns access time).

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USB type C in industrial applications:
Get tomorrow`s connection today...


USB type C is a new standard that will change how we use PCs and mobile phones in the future. 

Soon to be a thing of the past:

  • Currently, USB cables typically have a 20-year-old type A USB connection at one end and a wide type B USB connection at the other end. 
  • Another widespread USB cable, which is used for charging mobile phones (slow charging at 7.5 W) has a type A connector at one end and a thinner, micro-B connector at the end that connects to the mobile phone.
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Operating costs of embedded systems:
"Software included" saves you money...


The market for the "Internet of Things" (IoT) is growing and changing rapidly. At the same time, the complexity of the software and hardware in embedded systems is increasing considerably.

The costs for microcontrollers in such applications is often just the tip of the iceberg.

Developers much keep in mind the total cost of embedded systems. This includes investments, e.g. in software, support, training, maintenance, licences, updates and upgrades.

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Reduce supply current by 90%:
TOSHIBA optocoupler for a fast data transfer rate of 5 Mbps


TOSHIBA presents two new optocouplers for fast data transfer rates of up to 5 Mbps.

The two types, TLP2310 and TLP2710, are characterised by extremely low power consumption of only 6.78 mW. This is 54% lower than that of conventional optocouplers, such as the TLP2355 with 14.8 mW power consumption.

Both optocouplers are certified in accordance with UL1577 and EN60747-5-5. This makes them suitable for applications that require a high degree of insulation resistance, such as inverters, servo amplifiers, I/O interfaces, solar systems and applications in automation technology. 

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Cool hotshots:
Small, strong, robust! The world`s smallest embedded PCs with an extended temperature range from -30 to 75 °C


AAEON has equipped the well-known 6403 and 6404 Boxer PCs with an optimised cooling concept. This gives the embedded PCs an even wider range of applications. 

With the footprint of a piece of A6 paper, these ePC Boxers fit in the palm of your hand. Thanks to a height of only 29 mm, these tiny little PCs save lots of space in your application. And look smart too!

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