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Newsletter 2016

December 2016

  • “Butterflies” for modern IoT applications:
    How to easily connect Bluetooth Low Energy with CapSense buttons and slider
  • FUJITSU ReRAM now in mass production:
    Uses 94% less operating current than a comparable EEPROM
  • New reference book:
    The Basics of the RENESAS Synergy™ Platform
    RENESAS Synergy S3 evaluation board!
  • SSD on one chip:
    The extremely compact SSD memory solution...
  • Manufacturer´s Embedded Flash products available from GLYN with immediate effect:
    Silicon Motion and GLYN sign a distribution contract for Europe

Seiko Instruments and GLYN signed a distribution support for the Denmark Treaty for Europe


With immediate effect, the products of  Seiko Instruments will be available for Denmark from GLYN. The distributor and Seiko Instruments signed a distribution contract for Denmark.

Seiko Instruments GmbH is the European subsidiary of Seiko Instruments Inc. and Semiconductor Cooperation. The products of the Electronic Components division are CMOS semiconductors, quartz crystal products and backup batteries.

Since Glyn is European wide Distributor NO. 1. for Seiko Instruments products, both Manufacturer and Distributor see, especially in the fields Industrial- and medical , a great deal of growth potential 
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July 2016

  • High-speed connectivity for 21 frequency bands:
    Powerful LTE-Advanced vehicle router
    A robust 4G gateway for industrial applications
  • Faster, smarter, safer:
    BLE solutions by CYPRESS support all the new Bluetooth 4.2 features
  • This SRAM enables battery-free design:
    CYPRESS nvSRAM with 1 MBit and Quad SPI
  • USB type C in industrial applications:
    Get tomorrow`s connection today...
  • Operating costs of embedded systems:
    "Software included" saves you money...
  • Reduce supply current by 90%:
    TOSHIBA optocoupler for a fast data transfer rate of 5 Mbps
  • Cool hotshots:
    Small, strong, robust! The world`s smallest embedded PCs with an extended temperature range from -30 to 75 °C


June 2016

  • IsoAmp promo card – only from GLYN
  • Test TOSHIBA solid state relays on a "living" object
  • New differential pressure sensors from SENSIRION:
    The world´s smallest sensor for air flow measurements
  • Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA):
    MICRONAS and GLYN expand their sales partnership
  • 4 times smaller than a postage stamp at 6 x 6 mm:
    All the components for small electrical drives on one chip
  • MITSUBISHI "discount days" with sample promotion:
    1200 V / 2 A half-bridge drivers reduced by more than 50 %
  • Control your E-Motions:
    SANKEN launches product campaign
  • Ideal for use in 3 V systems:
    High-Speed Dual MOSFET drivers for 2 A loads
  • For free download!
    TAMURA catalogues - current sensors and power modules
    Switching losses reduced by 15 % thanks to new packaging
  • Protects your application from overcurrent:
    Intelligent gate driver optocoupler with 4 A output current
  • TRANSPHORM GaN transistor 650 V / 34 A:
    Yes, we GaN – with only 47 mOhm RDS(on)!


April 2016

  • Using new synergies:
    RENESAS Synergy™ Platform integrates the IAR Workbench
  • Industrial-suited series baseboard with -40 to 85 °C:
    It´s the combination that does it - customer-specific mini-computer
  • How to save costly redesign:
    ATP and MICRON conclude exclusive partnership!
  • Service life 150 km with 1,000,000 cuts:
    Kiosk printer now with Presenter option
  • 1.1 µA provides for extremely long battery service life:
    2 operation amplifiers and 1 comparator in a space-saving housing
  • TOSHIBA thin and current-saving optocouplers:
    Consistent high CTR over the input current range of 0.5 to 8 mA
  • Conforming to UHS-II Bus Classification:
    Ultra High Speed finds its way into SD Card Readers
  • Test it right now - SUPPORT IS RED! Sample campaign:
    Use Quad-SPI-FRAM 4 times faster transfer...