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May 2015

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With the GLYN Photorelay Promocard:
TOSHIBA´s latest components for MOSFET relays are easy to evaluate


Mechanical relays: when safe galvanic insulation between the control current and operating or load circuit is required, it is usually time to fall back on a "traditional" electrotechnology product.

Put an end to the flapping and vibrating noises coming from your application.

A solid state relay or SSR based on power MOSFET switches silently.

Start immediately
As a development engineer, you can evaluate the products immediately (RtE = Ready to Evaluate). You do not first need to construct a "mobile" laboratory installation or a PCB layout.
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For optimal air-conditioning and indoor climate monitoring:
Humidity and temperature sensors for HVAC


HVAC systems in the form of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems ensure comfortable residential and work environments. Both simple and complex: intelligent humidity and temperature sensors determine the major measuring values that make for optimal air-conditioning and indoor climate monitoring.

Some 15 years ago, the Swiss manufacturer revolutionised the digital humidity sensor and redefined industrial standards with the SHTxx series.

SENSIRION humidity and temperature sensors provide a digital, fully calibrated output signal. They are thus characterised by high long-term stability.

The sensors measure in a temperature range of -40 to 125°C and a relative humidity of 0 to 100%. 
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With the GLYN evaluation board:
A reliable 1200 V specialist in "Heating/Ventilation/Air-Conditioning"


MITSUBISHI's large DIPIPMs are true specialists in 1200 V.

They are particularly suitable for use in so-called heating/ventilation/air-conditioning (HVAC) applications and in pump and gate controls.

The new 3-phase full-bridge modules (6-in-1) come equipped with:

  • Low-voltage protection
  • Short-circuit monitoring
  • Analogue temperature output
  • Integrated bootstrap diodes
Thanks to the reduction in the number of external components, you can reduce the circuit board layout and thus the total system. In combination with an MCU, the analogue temperature output increases the flexibility of the thermal monitoring of the module  and thus of the complete motor control unit.
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Precise ASIC current sensor:
High measuring accuracy of ≤ 0.5%!


Better to be on the safe side.

TAMURA's new LA17 series provides precise current sensors with a high measuring accuracy of 0.5%.

These current sensors are particularly suitable for applications in the fields of motor drives, battery charging stations and solar converters.

Also ideal for space-saving applications: the housing height of the current sensors is only 12 mm.
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30% improved heat transfer:
TOSHIBA low-voltage MOSFETs with double-sided cooling


TOSHIBA's low-voltage MOSFETs are now also available in a "double-cooled version".

The new housing provides double-sided cooling and thus a 30% improvement in heat transfer.

This gives you a choice: 

  1. You can increase performance while keeping the space requirements the same.
  2. Or reduce the temperature and thus increase the reliability of the device.
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Reliably measure the pressure of air and gases:
Swiss precision for HVAC applications


A reduction in air streams results in clearly lower operating costs in HVAC systems: 

  1. Reduction in fan use
  2. Lower consumption of conditioned air (heating / cooling/ dehumidifying / humidifying)
  3. Longer down-times of filters
Thus a variable air volume stream is essential in a modern building.
The air volume stream must be dynamically controlled, depending on the air quality, room temperature and humidity and the number of persons using the room.
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