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Industrial Memory Special - December 2015

Now available for SD and MicroSD:
"Advanced MLC" technology in small form factors


13 times higher write/delete cycles than in the case of the Multi Level Cell (MLC):
The advantages of the "Advanced MLC" (aMLC) Flash technology are also available as of now for SD and MicroSD.

The aMLC technology, self-developed by ATP, provides a considerable increase in security, compared with pure MLC Flash. The special firmware from aMLC addresses an MLC memory such as SLC. Only one bit of a cell is written.

This offers the following impressive advantages compared with MLC:

  • The data retention is five times higher
  • 1.5 times higher write speed
  • The write/delete cycles are increased 13 times (min. 40,000)
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CYPRESS Memories new in the product range:
The No. 1 in SRAMs with more than 30 years expertise in memories


CYPRESS is the world market leader in high-performance and low-power memories.

The products of the American manufacturer are available from GLYN throughout Europe as of now.

The SRAMs and NVRAMs from CYPRESS stand for high performance, excellent reliability and long product life cycles in demanding systems such as networks, industry, automotive, aviation and healthcare.

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RENESAS low-power SRAMs:
"Advanced Technology" for maximum reliability


RENESAS takes an innovative approach to the manufacturing technology for its SRAMs.
The manufacturer produces its low-power SRAMs with the specially developed "Advanced Technology".

Here, the structure of the memory cell differs from a normal CMOS cell. It manages with only 4 transistors and 2 capacitors instead of 6 transistors. This results in a very low soft error rate - Less than 1 failure in 1,140 years!

Frank Werthmann, Section Manager Quality at GLYN, confirms this: "Zero complaints about defective products!".

Avoid complaints caused by defective end-product functions.
Put your faith in the reliable RENESAS Advanced Technology.

4 major advantages This is why you should use RENESAS SRAMS...
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Extremely robust in a striking red housing:
Xmore® SD Card industrial RED - Try the bending test!


Manufactured in the robust "System-in-Package" process:
You have to handle this card - you can really "feel" the quality.

The Xmore® industrial RED SD Card for industrial and automotive applications:

  • Striking in red
  • Specially moulded housing:
    The housing and board are as "ONE" here and therefore extremely robust.
  • Exceeds IPX7 classification: Insensitive to humidity and moisture.

The highest quality Single Level Cell (SLC) NAND Flash is used.

The housing is extremely robust: Laboratory test 168 hours at 105° in storage mode.
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From the NAND Flash professional TOSHIBA:
Which SSD performance is suitable for my application?


The SSD (Solid State Drive) will replace the hard disk, both commercially and industrially.

SSDs with super-fast speeds are a suitable alternative to the existing mass storage media as a result of the continuous further development of the controllers and NAND technologies.

In this respect, current and future applications make the highest demands on quality, performance and reliability. But which SSD is suitable for your application? Data volume?
Data encryption?
Power consumption? Data protection in the event of a power failure? 
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