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August 2015

New RENESAS Synergy Platform revolutionises MCU development:
The quick way to develop your own, innovative solutions


Fast – innovative – differentiated.
Ideal for IoT and industry!

The RENESAS Synergy™ platform comprises a comprehensive software package in production quality, including an intuitive API (Application Programming Interface).
It helps you bring products to the market faster and save cash during software development.

RTOS and high-value, upper range software packages included
RENESAS invests millions in top-class software packages for the Synergy family. All MCUs are already equipped with an RTOS real-time operating system and a broad selection of high-value software packages.
The use of Synergy is therefore already profitable with small batch sizes.

"ARM® with Brain" forms the basis
RENESAS Synergy is based on the well-known ARM® Cortex™-M0+ and Cortex™-M4F CPU cores. Known and proven tools such as the Segger J-Link can therefore still be used.

Press information with all news on the RENESAS Synergy is provided here.
Register with GLYN to be one of the first to take part...
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FT900 – Connectivity Made Easier:
32-Bit microcontroller from FTDI


"Made easy" thanks to FTDI.
The manufacturer of the FTDI chip is known for his creative USB interface and EVE graphics solutions.

AOC micro-controllers (Application Oriented Controller) have now been added.
"Connectivity Made Easier" – the 32-bit FT900.

This is based on the FT32 core, a high-performance 32-bit RISC core, developed in-house. The FT900 is a real "connectivity specialist" and provides comprehensive interfaces and multiple data link options "all-inclusive".

  • The Ethernet interface includes an internal  MAC + PHY
  • Integrated Sound, Video and High-Speed USB
  • Faster program start from the shadow SRAM
  • Plenty of 3rd-party and open-source software due to Eclipse IDE
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SUPPORT-IS-RED campaign:
Sample box MICRONAS Multi-Axis hall-sensor


Highly accurate distance or angle measurement:
The new 2D/3D technology by MICRONAS opens a variety of new options for capturing these variables in a cost-efficient way.

Test the new Multi-Axis hall-sensors by MICRONAS. 

We are offering you a free sample case as part of our SUPPORT-IS-RED campaign.

Please note that the number of available sample cases is limited.
Order your MICRONAS Multi-Axis sensor sample case, including an information package, from us today.

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A picture says more than 1000 words ...
Embed your application so "easy" to the A.D.A.M. display concept


Development engineers know the challenge:
Modern products no longer sell only according to their function and quality.
Your customers expect a modern operating concept with the feel of smart phones and tablets.

You must therefore remove an increasing share of your development resources from the core business – in order to develop a modern HMI for your application.

GLYN can show you a simpler and more convenient way that makes use of our modern RENESAS RX MCUs and A.D.A.M. display concept to produce a modern HMI.
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Free download for all power-fans:
MITSUBISHI NX7 IGBT video + power electronic catalogs!


All current MITSUBISHI power news at a glance.

You do not have to search through all of the Internet.
We have already "found" the information for you.

Here you can download two new MITSUBISHI power electronics catalogues as well as the product video for the new NX7 IGBT series.

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Part 1 – 3.1 MHz operational amplifier:
The Asian "American" in analogue mode


SG Micro is the No. 1 analogue manufacturer in Asia.

This manufacturer is now offering his goods at attractive prices in the European market.
One more reason for us to introduce you to SG Micro in more detail ...

This manufacturer was established in 2003 by leading electronics experts from the USA.
CEO Dr. Michael Zhang was responsible for quality management at Texas Instruments for over 20 years.

SG Micro products are produced at TSMC in accordance with the highest quality standards.
Over 100 million ICs are currently being delivered each month. The average lead time is a rapid 6 to 8 weeks. 
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The TXA5 only measures 68 x 26 mm!
The CoM module with Atmel SAMA5D4 Cortex™-A5 MPU


High performance combined with low power requirements:
Ka-Ro extends its line-up of TX computer-on modules.

The TXA5 is based on the new ARM® Cortex™ SAMA5D42 A5 processor by Atmel.
It comes equipped with 256 MByte RAM and 128 MByte Nand Flash or 4 GByte eMMC memory.

The target applications are cost-sensitive industrial applications and devices that require a low energy supply or are battery-operated.
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Success is written all over their faces:
SENSIRION honours top-class support


Excellent support, so that even a glowing projector could not really spoil the photo.

GLYN's support system is not affected by pressure, temperature or humidity.

The German distributor was honoured with the "Distributor Excellence Award" for best technical project knowledge by the Swiss sensor specialist SENSIRION.
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