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April 2015

Embedded World 2015 –
With a view to Graphics 4.0...


Growth markets Industry 4.0 and the "Internet of Things".
Strong "individualisation" under conditions of highly flexible (large series) production.

Displays, micro-controllers, sensors wireless and storage media.
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Red, small and incredibly strong:
16 GByte microSD with hardware power fail solution capacitor


It is really amazing:
This protective "guardian" among the microSD cards has an integrated capacitor on board:

  • Reliable defence against data loss
  • Safe stability in the event of a power failure

And all that with a 16 GByte SLC NAND Flash on just 11 x 15 mm!

The Xmore® industrial RED microSD card was designed for extreme tasks in which power fluctuations or power failures are common.

The module includes specialised software + an integrated capacitor and can carefully write important data in "power fail" mode. It also protects the microSD against data loss.
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The most desirable properties in a display:
This 10.1 inch TFT will give your product "that certain sparkle"...


The requirements for displays in modern applications are clearly defined:

Excellent visual properties combined with long-term availability and long-term usability in industry.

EDT combines these most desirable properties in one 10.1“ [25.7cm] display!

  • 1280 x 800 pixels that are easy to read from any angle:
    85° viewing angle in all directions
  • 6 mm thin module – easy to integrate
  • Up to 800 cd/m² brightness – for best readability 
  • 70,000 hours LED life-time (50%)
    8 years in 24-hour mode
  • 10-finger accurate PCAP Touch (optional)
The wide format is ideal for maximum content and innovative operation at the same time.
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Supplier Change Notice:
These manufacturers are "changing" their names...

Old New From Portfolio Status / comments
SPANSION  CYPRESS  12/03/2015  Extension(planned) No discontinuation currently planned
Type descriptions remain the same
NLT TIANMA NLT Europe GmbH (TNE) 01/04/2015 Extension(planned) No discontinuation currently planned
Type descriptions remain the same


Information status: 25/03/2015We will gladly inform you about news concerning the mergers mentioned above and include you in our distribution list.
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20 mm thin, palm-sized!
The worldwide smallest "boxer" ePC has an aluminium cover


The fan-less, quiet and compact AAEON Design-Boxer AEC-6401 and 6402 (with CAN Bus module) are a technical and visual pleasure – and the range is now being expanded!

The INTEL® Bay Trail SoC processor is safely covered in aluminium and forms the heart of the new Boxer-6403.

You choose: Atom™ E3825 or Celeron™ N2807, Dual-Core processors with a TDP less than 6 Watt and a cycle frequency of 1.6 GHz.

An industrial product with long-term availability: The AAEON Boxer-6403 will be available at least until 2019!

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For all friends of local public data transport:
RENESAS gets your applications on the bus in an instant!


Support of numerous bus protocols in a single component!

Get your applications on the bus in an instant with RENESAS:

The R-IN32M3-EC is a new class of fast multi-protocol Ethernet controllers that the manufacturer has specifically developed for industrial applications.

For professionals and newcomers:
The "Connect it" R-IN solution kit by RENESAS comes as a "total package".
It already contains a reference circuit as well as a comprehensive software package.
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For sensor and energy harvesting applications:
Ultra-low-power FRAM with integrated counter function


Perfectly coordinated with the sensor- and energy-harvesting applications for industrial automation.

FUJITSUs new MB85RDP16LX FRAM module consumes extremely little power and is equipped with an integrated binary counter:

  • Short 5 µs switch-on time and up to 94% faster writing
  • Dual SPI interface
  • Low operating voltage: 1.65–1.95 V
  • Extended temperature range of -40 to 105°C
  • 80% space saving: SON-8 housing with 2 x 3 mm

The energy uptake of the new module is less than ten percent of that of standard FRAM solutions.

Energy savings of up to 94 percent
Major energy savings are achieved by integrating the counter function into the FRAM chip.
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In a space-saving SOT23 housing:
ISO26262-compatible Hall switch by MICRONAS


The HAL 15xy family by MICRONAS fulfils the demanding requirements of the automotive industry regarding functional safety.

These new "ASIL A ready" Hall switches are provided in a small SOT23 housing.
They comply with the ISO26262 Standard, due to their "single-point error metrics" of over 60%.

  • Developed according to ISO26262
  • ASIL A ready
  • "Power on" auto-test

For the first time, they can now be used for ASIL A or even higher classified applications, as they integrate the FMEDA (Failure Mode Effects and Diagnostic Analysis) of the sensor into an internal diagnostic system.

You can therefore conveniently embed the sensor into your system solution.
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YAMAICHI Card Reader:
The safe "connection" for your memory card design...


YAMAICHI offers a large product range of flash memory and SIM card plug-in connectors.

We have compiled a preference programme of microSD, SD and SIM card readers for you.

For safe "connection" of your memory card design... 
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